Maroota White Brick Sand

Quarried fatty sand. Use for face brickwork and stonework where pure white mortar colour is important. Equally usable for pointing flagging and stonework.

Yellow Brick Sand

Quarried fatty sand. Used mainly for common brick work where mortar appearance is not critical. Used also for underneath above ground pool liners.

Coarse Washed River Sand

This coarse washed sand has many uses. Use as a bedding for larger unit pavers, for concrete sand in fence post holes and for kerb edging.

Sydney Sand

Quarried, double washed sand. Used for plastering, rendering, grouting, tiling beds and the kid’s sandpit in the backyard. Can be mixed 50/50 with Brick Sand as a wet bed for flagging.

Nepean River Sand

Nepean Sand is used under many a paver of driveways and footpaths. Coarse, free draining and good workability make this an ever popular paving sand for all paver types and sizes.

Filling Sand

Loam free sand. Useful for blinding material under concrete slabs, or bulk backfill for pools, pipework and excavations.